Investment Management marketing & Communications

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Marketing Materials

DQCOMM Daniel Quinn Communications offers consulting, composition, and design of investment management marketing materials including pitch books, handouts, and institutional-quality presentation materials

Your Story Is The Path to CLient Success

Investment Management Marketing Materials & Messaging


It's our job to persuasively describe value across each element of the client's business: investment management, philosophy, client service, ethics.

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Clients & Products

Who we serve and what we do

Our Clients

  • Equity & Fixed Income

  • Domestic & International

  • Fundamental & Quantitative

  • Alternative Asset Investors

  • Wealth Managers/RIAs/Family Offices

  • Third Party Marketers & Placement Agents

Our Products

  • Fact Sheets, marketing white papers, eBooks, case studies, articles

  • Digital content/website content/content marketing

  • Institutional-quality presentation materials

  • Client newsletters, snapshots, & flash reports

  • RFPs, DDQs, & other questionnaires

  • General content editing and messaging consult

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DQCOMM Process

Collaborative, yet Independent

Our typical marketing  materials development workflow process:

  • Preliminary discussions and interview --> Long form client narrative development --> Client meeting & review

  • Initial materials creation and condensing of narrative --> Client meeting & review

  • Multi-step editing and review with close client consultation

  • "Buff and polish" of final product design and content


Customary Fees

The details of the project matter

Our fees Depend on the Project's Particulars

Customary fees for various marketing materials:

  • Pitchbooks: $3,500 and up

  • Marketing White Paper and eBooks: $5,000 and up

  • RFP/DDQ Revision: $3,500 and up

  • Website content (no site redesign): $1,000 and up

  • Case studies: $1,500 and up

  • General content editing and related tasks: $125 per hour

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